Where can I find your products during the week? 

We are always available to do special orders, you can pick up at the licensed commercial kitchen we rent from located in Gilbert. Also we are selling our mini pies at Not Your Typical Deli located in Gilbert. In addition we sell our muffins, cinnamon rolls, chocolate eclairs and more at Mavericks coffee shop located in Scottsdale. 

Do you do pies for weddings?

YES! We love doing wedding pies. Most common is our mini pies and pie pops. But we can accommodate any size, flavors and dietary restrictions.Contact us via website, email or call/text.

 Do you make cakes for weddings and special occasions?

YES! We love  making cakes for all occasions, especially weddings. We can do ANY design, ANY flavors and ANY dietary restrictions. Contact us via website, email or call/text.

Do you have a store front?

Currently we do not, we are working out of a licensed commercial kitchen in Gilbert that you can always come pick up any goodies when you special order. Contact us via website, email or call/text.