Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.
— Julia Child

Every great memory I have of growing up was always centered around food. I loved making it with family, I enjoyed eating (of course) but mostly I loved the way food made people feel something when they took that first bite. That little half of a smile, or happy dance when they take they went for another taste.

Being in the kitchen with my mom was probably my earliest memory. So its no wonder she was my inspiration to start cooking and baking for competitions. I continued entering competitions and loved it! Fleischmann's Yeast 1st place National winner with my mom in 2001, several years I won Spam competitions, Clabber Girl baking powder contest won with strawberry tortillas, Ghiradelli Chocolate 2nd place winner 2011, Best of show for cake decorating at Az. State fair for 2 years, Blue ribbons for my tortillas, petit fours, cookies, cakes.

As I got older I was given the choice from my mother to work in the cafeteria at school or pack my lunch. I choose a third option, I started selling baked goodies to my classmates and that would pay for my school lunch. During my junior and senior year I was given the opportunity to enroll in EVIT ( east valley institute of technology) there I was able to develop more skills with pastry arts and baked goods.

When I graduated, I took on running a business! I love working with local vendors and selling at farmers markets or local shops. The amazing customers have helped me in the last 3 years, there support, encouragement and inspirations have made my job something i truly love!